Our sustainability approach

The creation of long-term value is only possible through considering the interests of all our stakeholders: our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. 

One of the benefits of holding a diverse array of businesses is that we are able to make decisions for the long term, and can avoid some of the short-term pressures experienced by single-sector companies. Our approach to sustainability reflects this broader long-term focus. 

Our Group-wide sustainability approach addresses six areas, as indicated in the diagram below.

How we have performed

The Sustainability Approach section of this report outlines how we have performed as a Group during the year consistent with our sustainability approach. As well as reporting aggregated data, we also provide data for each business unit in the ‘Divisions’ section of this website and in more detail in the 'Databank' section.

Given the diversity of our businesses, we generally do not set public targets at a Group level, preferring to be judged on our performance. Each business sets its own internal targets appropriate to its operations.

The key metrics we use at a Group level are greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water consumption, waste, community contributions and safety incidents.

Key highlights this year include a 61 per cent increase in our direct community contributions, a 13 per cent decrease in our greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our waste to landfill by 10 per cent.




Our reputation