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Bunnings is the leading retailer of home improvement and outdoor living products in Australia and New Zealand and a major supplier to project builders, commercial tradespeople and the housing industry. 

Sales revenue during the year was $7.7 billion. At year-end Bunnings employed more than 33,000 team members and operated a network of 210 warehouses, 67 smaller format stores, 37 trade centres and four frame and truss centres.

Material issues 
  • Ensuring that we have the support of all stakeholders in growing our community involvement in a localised, sincere and meaningful manner.
  • Maintaining strong processes to ensure product sourcing continues to meet or exceed the needs of stakeholders.
  • Maintaining or increasing our current levels of water conservation, waste reduction and recycling (on a like-for-like site basis) and finding new ways to reduce our reliance on grid-sourced energy, with a view to achieving further reductions in our overall carbon footprint.
  • Maintaining a positive safety performance trend as we continue to grow our business, increase our store network and employ more team members. 


Community support

We continued to increase our community involvement in a localised, sincere and meaningful manner, with our teams supporting more than 49,000 local activities throughout the year. Actions included support for national and local community organisations through a wide variety of activities including fundraising sausage sizzles, hands on DIY projects, local fundraising activities, community workshops and product contributions. Work with local schools on sustainability activities included more than 1,600 school visits and projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Stakeholder engagement

We continued to provide free sustainability initiatives in many states, in partnership with accredited organisations. This included water saving showerhead exchanges with City West Water (Vic) and Water Corporation (WA); the expansion of Battery Back, a household battery recycling program with Sustainability Victoria; and the provision of Smarter Choice information for customers in all New South Wales and Victorian warehouses.


This year there was an 18 per cent reduction in the number of injuries recorded and a 20 per cent reduction in the total recordable injury frequency rate, which was a pleasing result given the continued growth of our business. A business-wide focus on safety included increased awareness campaigns and a confidential ‘safety at work’ survey completed by more than 8,400 Australian and New Zealand team members. 

Ethical sourcing 

We continued to strengthen our sourcing practices with more suppliers becoming members of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange program which aims to improve transparency in our supply chains in key areas of sensitivity. We continue to work collaboratively with Greenpeace and WWF on our timber procurement, and we are an active member of the federal government’s Illegal Logging Stakeholder Working Group. We are confident that more than 99 per cent1 of business-wide timber products are confirmed as from low risk plantation, verified legal, or certified responsibly sourced forests. Within that, more than 84 per cent of our total timber products are sourced from independently certified forest sources. 

Packaging and waste reduction 

Notwithstanding the growth in both the volumes transacted and the size of our store network, there was no increase in our total tonnes of waste to landfill. We achieved a waste diversion rate of 67 per cent by volume, up three per cent from last year, via various recycling and packaging initiatives. We continue to work towards our goal of 85 per cent waste diversion. Our focus on reducing packaging waste also included a review of more than 60 suppliers to identify new opportunities for improvements in product packaging and freight efficiencies. Examples of best practice will be communicated to suppliers in the next year to further drive results in this area.

1 By value purchased.


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 More information on sustainability at Bunnings available at www.bunnings.com.au.