Delivering today.

Value tomorrow.

Our businesses interact with millions of people every day, touching the lives of people in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. By considering the best interests of our employees, customers, suppliers and the broader public, we can safeguard our ability to continue creating value into the future.

Our Group-wide sustainability approach addresses six key areas:

Box1 - Our Rep

Our reputation

Wesfarmers touches the lives of millions of people: as employees, customers, suppliers or members of the communities in which we operate.

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Box2 - Our People

Our people

Employing outstanding people and providing opportunities for them to apply their talents is critical to our sustainability.

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Box3 - Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing

Long term performance depends on Wesfarmers continuing to have access to responsibly-sourced and competitively-priced products to deliver to our customers.

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Box4 - Our Community

Our community

Given the breadth of our businesses, we have an interest in supporting strong and vibrant communities.

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Box5 - Our Environ

Our environment

Focusing on resource efficiency is a win-win: making our businesses more resilient and reducing the negative impact of our business on the environment.

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Box6 - Governance

Governance for creating value

Our 500,000 shareholders and more than 200,000 employees have an interest in the ongoing financial resilience of Wesfarmers.

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